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    And They’re Off! Records fall at Charger Regional

    Records fell at the 2023 Charger Regional, which officially kicked off the Illinois High School Powerlifting Association (IHSPLA) season on February 28th at Stagg High School in Palos Hills. Brian Buglio (Meet Director) hosted one of the largest meets in regional competition. More than 100 lifters from Lockport, Marist, Romeoville,…

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    IHSPLA State Meet and Diaper Drive

    On Saturday, May 28th, more than 200 student-athletes representing 20 Chicago-area high schools gathered at New Trier High School in Northfield for the Illinois High School Powerlifting Association’s (IHSPLA) 2022 State Meet. The State Meet is the culminating event of the IHSPLA powerlifting season. During the 2021-2022 season, regional meets…

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    Deshaun Watson: is a 6 game suspension enough?

    More than two dozen women have filed charges against Watson. An internal investigation believes there was wrongdoing. So the only problem is this: the punishment does not fit the crime. Minimally, the punishment of a 6-game suspension does not send a clear enough signal that sexual misconduct is not acceptable.

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    Gravity Defied at IHSPLA Warrior Regional

    Spectators and competitors moved in unison to the middle of the McHenry Community High School Upper campus weight room. Logyn Frappoly, a McHenry senior, took her place under a barbell; a barbell that was loaded with 365lbs. This would be Logyn’s 3rd and final squat attempt at the Warrior Regional…

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    2022 Illinois H.S. Powerlifting Season

    IHSPLA Gearing Up For Spring 2022 Powerlifting Season! by Chris Dertz It’s time to replenish your supply of chalk and make sure that your singlet, lifting belt, and Chuck Taylors still fit! The 2022 Illinois High School Powerlifting Association (IHSPLA) 2022 spring season will be here soon! The last few…

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    Creatine: Benefits and Drawbacks

    By Matt Klem In high school athletics, the use of creatine has been a controversial topic, often leaving athletes and parents with questions regarding the potential benefits and consequences that it can have on athletic performance. However, there is emerging evidence indicating that if used in conjunction with a balanced…

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    Forever Athlete with Dr. Matt Wiest

    Dr. Matt Wiest is a father, husband, entrepreneur and author. He resides in Minnesota where he takes pride in building community around empowerment and education in well-being. Being an athlete has really shaped his identity and his mission is to help high performers get truly clear on who they are…

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    Strength and Support

    Officer Holecek and the rest of the department were always open-minded, patient, and understanding with me, but in my experience, gym-goers seemed entitled, condescending, and unwelcoming. I was too afraid and insecure to step foot in their territory. This was different. In the basement gym of the police station, I…