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Beyond Strength & the Good Athlete Project

#BeyondStrength is an initiative of the Good Athlete Project, a nonprofit organization aimed at maximizing the potential of athletics in education.

The central mission of #BeyondStrength is to highlight the opportunity of strength training to teach lessons that extend beyond the weight room. Coaches who accept this charge go beyond strength to empower people for success in all areas of life.

At, that mission has grown to include the potential of all areas of sport. Here, teachers, coaches, athletes, parents, and researchers participate in a community where life outcomes matter most.

This community is focused on the intersection of psychology and sport, which is essential to maximizing the potential of the most powerful learning platform on the planet. If you have ideas, or would like to share your story, reach out to us!

About us: a nonprofit organization born at Harvard University, the Good Athlete Project has traveled the world hosting team workshops, professional development events, and contributing to research in hopes of bettering the world through strength. Find more on our website:, or on instagram at @goodathleteproject

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