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    Now What? Navigating Life After Sport

    By Carissa Gump, OLY, MPA At a certain point in their athletic journeys, athletes inevitably confront the daunting inquiry: “Now what?” This pivotal question is not exclusive to seasoned professionals or Olympians but also resonates with young athletes at the recreational level, middle school, high school, and collegiate level as…

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    Build Your Toolkit: Beyond Grit

    Grit is defined as "the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals (Duckworth et al., 2007). It belongs in a coach/educator's toolkit. The term "toolkit" refers to skills and strategies used by the professional with a student, and taught to the student for future use. We…

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    E-Valuating the Future of Sport: E-Sports as Education

    The e-sports landscape is rapidly expanding. Hundreds of millions of people tune into live events and millions of dollars are offered in scholarships and tournament prizes. Roughly 200 colleges across the nation have developed varsity e-sports programs and that number continues to grow. Now, as colleges recognize the potential value…

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    The Gift of Injury

    A quick trip to the emergency room had me stitched up and crutching my way back to work the next day. That day I spent about 10 hours on my feet. The swelling was worse than I thought it would be and that night was a painful one. I went…

  • Leadership/Character

    Always Building

    There are two ways to create the tallest building in town. One can spend all their time and energy tearing down the buildings around them, or one can focus on making their building the tallest. The value of the two final products will be vastly different.

  • Athletes

    Strength and Support

    Officer Holecek and the rest of the department were always open-minded, patient, and understanding with me, but in my experience, gym-goers seemed entitled, condescending, and unwelcoming. I was too afraid and insecure to step foot in their territory. This was different. In the basement gym of the police station, I…