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2022 Illinois H.S. Powerlifting Season

IHSPLA Gearing Up For Spring 2022 Powerlifting Season! by Chris Dertz

It’s time to replenish your supply of chalk and make sure that your singlet, lifting belt, and Chuck Taylors still fit! The 2022 Illinois High School Powerlifting Association (IHSPLA) 2022 spring season will be here soon!

The last few years have been tough on Illinois high school athletes but Jim Davis and the leadership of the IHSPLA has worked hard to provide opportunities for competition through the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting in 2020 with a online national meet and more recently hosting two outdoor meets on the campus of New Trier High School, Illinois high school powerlifters have been able to continue to compete and share in the camaraderie that comes with lifting heavy weights. The IHSPLA has several upcoming regional meets planned and a state meet in the spring. 

What makes competing in the IHSPLA so unique is that unlike most other powerlifting federations, the IHSPLA is a team-based organization in which lifting for school pride and for teammates is the main emphasis. It also has a heart; the 4 tenets of the IHSPLA mission are Character, Culture, Equity, and Service.

IHSPLA meets are special also because director Jim Davis takes the time to speak with athletes about the lessons that can be learned for powerlifting. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an essential part of modern education, and powerlifting is a great platform to build those skills. There is always great camaraderie among the lifters and everyone has a great time!

The 2022 IHSPLA schedule:

Oct. 30: Halloween Regional (Northfield, IL)

Dec. 11: IHSPLA Coaches Meeting (NSCA CEU certified)

Feb. 26: Charger Regional (aka South Suburban Regional; Palos Hills, IL)

Mar. 19: Warrior Regional (McHenry, IL)

Apr. 2: Titan Regional (Glenview, IL)

Apr. 16: Boilermaker Regional (Bradley, IL)

Spring 2022: IHSPLA State Championship; Invite only, bids will be sent after the final regional event

If you are a high school coach who would like to learn more about the IHSPLA, please reach out at, or find us on Social Media: Twitter // Instagram

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