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“Coaching is Teaching” with Eric McMahon

Coaching and teaching require similar skillsets. Leaders in each must develop subject matter expertise, create cultures rich with learning, and share information with students/athletes. The “classrooms” look different (some might have desks, others might have hoops or barbells), but the methods and objectives are similar.

Eric McMahon understands those similarities. He played college football at St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY). While he was talented enough to play at the next level, he says he “had to work hard to get [playing time]” with the Saints, noting that he “thrived in the weightroom before he thrived on the field.”

Through his personal process of development, he developed a growth mindset. He also developed a true appreciation for strength and conditioning.

McMahon spent the next 20 years working to perfect the craft. He earned a Master’s degree from Springfield College in Exercise Science before coaching at the collegiate and professional level. His professional resume includes being named MiLB Texas League Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year… 3 times. Not only was he a student of strength, but he was becoming an expert practitioner.

In 2020, McMahon took over as the Coaching and Sport Science Program Manager at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). His current role has enhanced his reach and allowed him to share his passion with more coaches and athletes than ever before.

In the spirit of sharing, Eric mentioned on a recent episode of the Good Athlete Podcast how excited he is for two upcoming events:

Coaches Conference will run from January 6 through the 8th, with events, panels, and speakers like Megan Young, Tom Myslinski, and Christopher “Tex” Mcquilkin. McMahon recognizes that the event brings out some of the brightest and most dedicated coaches in strength, but also stimulates “a spirit of sharing information” that is unique among similar professions.

McMahon also shared his excitement about the release of the NSCA’s Guide to High School Strength and Conditioning. The resource sheds important light on essential bits of theory and practice used by some of the most successful High School coaches in the nation. High School strength and conditioning is one of the fastest growing fields in all of sport. This new book, which includes everything from bodyweight exercises to resistance training to managing a weightroom, will be a key component of support for the growing field.

The state of High School strength and conditioning is similar to the state of high school film study in sport, about 15 years ago. An increasing number of sport coaches and athletic departments see the value of it, many have already included it to some degree, but there is tremendous room for improvement… McMahon believes we are right at the precipice of the high school strength revolution. And of course, the NSCA hopes to be a guiding light in those efforts.

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