Johannah Zabal’s Words to Live By

By Alex Nadolna

We were down at the NSCA Coaches Conference down in San Antonio, Texas. Jim was giving presentations and I was gathering content, catching up with friends, and pulling together anything that could help me improve my program back home (at Saint Viator H.S.).

One day while we were walking around the convention hall we ran into friend of the project and former podcast guest Tex McQuilkin. Tex introduced us to his good friend and fellow coach Johannah Zabal. We could immediately see that she was a passionate, intelligent coach and a great conversationalist.

That evening, the four of us went for dinner along the San Antonio Riverwalk. We polished off some serious Mexican food and talked shop. She gave us some great insights on what it was like being a female strength coach working with male football players. She talked about her recent championship as an Asst. Volleyball Coach at Marymount University (they had just ordered Atlantic East championship rings). She also shared with our a few of her “rules for life.”

When we got back from the conference it was clear that we needed to hear more. So we had her on the podcast…

“You’re going to be much more effective being authentic than you are going to be anything else”

“Major on the majors, minor on the minors…prioritize your time and energy on the more important things”

“Be curious, be humble, and be hungry…always just be doing, work towards a goal.”

These are just a small taste of the knowledge that was dropped, so make sure you go check out “Episode 99 – Johannah Zabal: Words To Live By” to hear the entire conversation. Big thanks to Johannah for coming on the podcast and we are happy to welcome her to the Good Athlete Project family!

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