A Dietitian’s Guide to Cost-Effective Road Snacks for Athletic Performance

By: Daniel Vela, BS & Christina Chu, MS, RD, LDN One of the largest contributors to athlete performance is proper fueling, which includes consuming balanced meals, choosing the right snacks, and adequate hydration. This can be overwhelming for youth and college athletes when considering cost, time, and making the right choices around proper fueling. On…

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High-Performance Nutrition: Choose Foods that Rot and Spoil!

As an athlete, have you ever wondered “what should I eat?” or as a coach, have you been asked the same question?

Pro and elite athletes come to the Chicago-based sports nutrition consulting firm SportFuel seeking answers to the most detailed sports nutrition questions—the tip of the iceberg, the top of the pyramid, the ultimate fine-tuning. They’re looking for the best practices for fuel timing, the perfect pre-game meal or snack, what to eat during activity, what to have afterwards for optimal recovery, or what to eat to gain or lose weight.

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