E-Valuating the Future of Sport: E-Sports as Education

The e-sports landscape is rapidly expanding. Hundreds of millions of people tune into live events and millions of dollars are offered in scholarships and tournament prizes. Roughly 200 colleges across the nation have developed varsity e-sports programs and that number continues to grow. Now, as colleges recognize the potential value of e-sports and adopt more programs, the inevitable rise of high school e-sports has begun.

In this growing industry, it may be worthwhile to acknowledge the potential benefits, as well as the negatives, when it comes to team-based e-sports games. As a strength & conditioning coach and long-time gamer myself, I recognize the potential dangers of video games but I also see potential value in e-sports when done right.

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Can Ken Keep His Cool in Buffalo?

The Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills 21-19. In the waning moments, Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey was recorded tearing apart papers, notebooks, and tossing whatever was in reach. Was this a passionate response to a tough situation or… a temper tantrum?

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