Northside Speed & Power, Spring 2021

The Good Athlete Project just wrapped up another installment of Northside Speed and Power, an elite youth-focused speed and performance camp in the Chicagoland area. These camps focus on long-term athlete development, both physical and psychological. Coaches onboard essential movement patterns – what they refer to as “the phonics of movement“ – to improve not only athletic performance, but health and wellness for lifetime. They also create opportunities for athletes to use those movement patterns in free play settings.

It is the combination of thoughtful training routines, gameplay, competition, community enhancement, and fun that make these camps so special.

The campus are directed by Jim Davis, the 2020 US Marine Corps’ Excellence in Leadership award winner, and former national coach of the year. Davis has worked with thousands of athletes, and more than 30 state and national championship teams. Although these performance outcomes are important, Davis insists that it is the relationships that allow for the “life lessons“ we hope are being taught through sport.

While Jim’s professional research focuses on human development and psychology through sport, it is the human connection that keeps him coaching. “To be embodied, healthy, active, and working toward a shared purpose – there’s nothing else like it.”

The staff at these camps rotate based on the time of year, but athletes often find themselves working with Rijad Pekmez (a strength coach and a football coach a New Trier High School). Pekmez says of the camps “they are always so much fun. Even though we are only with the athletes for a few weeks, you can see them grow over time and that is incredibly rewarding.”

If you’d like to join a future camp, find the Good Athlete Project on Instagram, on Twitter, and at GoodAthleteProject.com.

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